Our story

Tree Fredericksburg

Tree Fredericksburg was established in 2008 by Anne and Carl Little to restore and maintain a vibrant urban forest in the City of Fredericksburg.

Over the years, Tree Fredericksburg has partnered with the City of Fredericksburg Department of Public Works and Department of Parks & Recreation to plant more than 7,500 trees in the city. We also advocate to preserve the natural forested areas and the greenways within the city.

Today Tree Fredericksburg continues to add to Fredericksburg’s urban forest. We provide education on tree planting and maintenance to the public and educational programming to the city’s schools.

Back in 2008, our first project was planting 17 trees in Maury Playground to give shade to the kids as they played. This is how the park looked before trees were planted around the playground.

Today Maury Playground is full of mature trees that provide ample shade and aesthetic beauty to the park. Tree Fredericksburg’s efforts today mean beautiful trees for generations to come.

Making an Impact

In 2016, the city needed 175 trees planted along the Heritage Trail. Here’s what the trail looked like before the planting.

Tree Fredericksburg planted trees all long the trail providing a new buffer between the street and the trail.

Today the trees have grown since 2016, providing shade and a larger buffer with the road. In the future, these trees will provide a large canopy for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy.