Tree Stewards

Tree Stewards are trained community volunteers who are committed to promoting a healthy urban forest in the City of Fredericksburg. The Tree Fredericksburg Tree Steward Program’s mission is to assist the City of Fredericksburg in growing and maintaining a sustainable urban forest through volunteer activities and public education on tree care and maintenance of our urban forest. 

Tree Stewards take the lead within our community to enhance a sustainable urban forest through volunteer activities and public education programs.  Our volunteer activities include: planting, pruning and mulching of city, park and school trees; staffing environmental booths at farmer’s markets and local festival, removing invasive species, and advocating for trees wherever and whenever possible. Each Steward adopts a neighborhood in the city and provides the primary point of contact for tree care and health information in that neighborhood.

We welcome all citizens who care about trees to join us.  Volunteer training classes are held yearly and run 12 weeks.  The classes include pruning, tree identification and classes from the Trees Virginia Tree Steward manual.

For information on training classes, upcoming activities, requesting a Tree Steward speaker, or to comment on trees in your neighborhood, send an email to

Each person taking the Tree Steward training makes a commitment to return twenty volunteer hours per year to local Tree Steward projects.


Help grow fredericksburg’s forest


Build community through shared projects


Remove of invasive plants that threaten trees


Lead education programming for our youth