Oscar-winning Dame Judi Dench filmed the program ‘Judi Dench: My Passion for Trees’ for BBC One where she explores the life cycle and stories of trees in Great Briton. According to the show, “Judi has long been fascinated with trees, ever since she was a child. She shared her passion with her late husband, actor Michael Williams, and together they nurtured a collection of trees at the bottom of their six-acre garden. For the past seven years, she has continued to care for this woodland with her close companion, wildlife enthusiast David Mills. Throughout this time, Judi has continually planted trees for dear friends and family who have passed away.”

Judi joins some of the best tree scientists and historians to explore the secret lives of trees. In this clip, Judi Dench and Tony Kirkham visit The Crowhurst Yew, a 1,500 year old tree.