Tree Giveaway

We have given away all of our available trees!

Thank you for your interest in receiving free native trees. We will be giving away more trees in the future. To learn about our giveaways before the general public, please subscribe to our emailing list.




Tree Fredericksburg received a grant providing for the giveaway of 250 native trees to community members to plant in their yards.

We have over 15 species of native trees available from which you may select.  These will come in three gallon containers, so they will be easy for you to handle and plant.  You may request ONE or TWO trees, which may be of the same species, or different species.  Just fill out the form below, entering a quantity in the box provided by the tree type(s) you desire.  Available quantities of each type are limited, so get your request in soon.  When our supply of a type of tree is exhausted, a note will appear by that tree noting that it is no longer available, and you will need to consider other trees that are still available.