The Community Give: May 5


Thank you to the 61 donors who contributed $3,765 during The Community Give. We are very grateful!


Tree-lined streets make Fredericksburg a beautiful place to walk, live, and play.  This is our vision for Fredericksburg, and with your help we will accomplish this goal.  It costs $122 to plant and care for a tree for the first 5 years.  Our goal is to plant 8,000 more trees in our City in the next 10 years. Your donation will help bring the benefits of trees to Fredericksburg and give us beautiful tree-lined streets.


On Tuesday, May 5th, click here to donate to Tree Fredericksburg!

The more money we raise and the greater number of folks that donate money both make us eligible for CONSIDERABLE cash prizes that will benefit our conservation efforts. Each unique gift of $25 or more makes us eligible for these prizes.