Oct. 10 Volunteers Needed. October 3 Planting Canceled.

With Tropical Storm Joaquin knocking, and heavy winds and rain in the weekend forecast, we’re canceling this Saturday’s planting, rescheduling it for Saturday, November 7. In the mean time, we need more volunteers for our Saturday, October 10 planting, so sign up now, and spread the word to your friends. We’ll be meeting at 9 a.m. a week from Saturday at the corner of Bridgewater and Charles streets, near the Falmouth bridge.

Local Spotlight: Ryan Sweet

Ryan Schuyler mulching the park

Tree Fredericksburg would like to thank Ryan Sweet for volunteering eight hours mulching at the park by Mary Ball and Kenmore Avenue. Over the span of week in mid-June, Ryan spread the original and additional piles of mulch throughout the park. These efforts will contribute to Ryan’s Boy Scouts Community Service Badge.

Ryan’s service highlights a critical aspect of overall plant health – proper mulching. If applied properly, mulching no more than 2-3 inches deep can greatly benefit trees. Studies have shown that trees with proper mulching will be twice as healthy and grow twice as large with only grass. Trees retain more moisture and experience less stress when they are grown in wide flat mulch beds with cooler roots.



Tree Fredericksburg Receives 2014 Diamond Partnership Award

Tree Fredericksburg received an award from the City of Fredericksburg Recreation Commission. The Award is the 2014 Diamond Partnership Award for 4000 hours of volunteer service to the City Parks Department by the volunteers from Tree Fredericksburg. Together, Tree Fredericksburg volunteers planted, mulched and cared for hundreds of trees in our City’s parks. The Parks Commission cited us for “Exceptionally generous Partnership with the Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation Department for the betterment of the citizens of Fredericksburg”

Thank you, volunteers!

We want to thank all of our volunteers who plant trees with Tree Fredericksburg! Here are some photos from our Fall Tree Plantings:

September 27 at Brompton and Marye Streets

October 4 at College Terrace

Thank You University of Mary Washington Students!

Over 100 students from the University of Mary Washington worked with Tree Fredericksburg, the Department of Public Works, and the Parks Department to mulch the Heritage Trail trailhead and down the trail between Princess Anne and Caroline Streets. Thanks to the first-year students at the University, we were able to do this project in one day. 

“I love that the City is able to partner with the University on projects like this and help bring the students into our community.” – Anne Little


Arbor Day Tree Planting

Thursday, May 1st at 4:30pm 

On Thursday, May 1st at 4:30pm, Tree Fredericksburg and the Boys and Girls Club will be planting trees at Old Walker Grant in honor of Arbor Day.

Old Walker Grant

Volunteers will plant 14 willow oaks around the playground and the building. The tree planting should only take about 30-45 minutes. Tree Fredericksburg is looking for at least twelve adults to help plant trees with the children. If you were involved with the Boys and Girls Club when you were young, then this would be an excellent opportunity to plant the trees and talk to the children about your experience.

Please RSVP to treefred@cox.net if you are able to volunteer.