Oct. 10 Volunteers Needed. October 3 Planting Canceled.

With Tropical Storm Joaquin knocking, and heavy winds and rain in the weekend forecast, we’re canceling this Saturday’s planting, rescheduling it for Saturday, November 7. In the mean time, we need more volunteers for our Saturday, October 10 planting, so sign up now, and spread the word to your friends. We’ll be meeting at 9 a.m. a week from Saturday at the corner of Bridgewater and Charles streets, near the Falmouth bridge.

Fall Tree Plantings

Tree Fredericksburg Volunteers

Planting Season is here again and we need your help. Below are the dates and locations. Please let us know via email if you can join us. Send an email to treefred@cox.net and tell us who is coming and what dates you can help. Tree planting is easy and fun and very rewarding. Bring your friends, coworkers & family. all ages welcome, all tools provided. No hard digging – holes are pre-drilled.

Day Date Time Meeting Location
Saturday 9/26 9am-12pm Bunker Hill St & Elmhurst St
Saturday 10/10 9am-12pm Bridgewater St & Charles St – 2514 Charles St
Saturday 10/17 9am-12pm Princess Anne St & Amaret St – 2701 Princess Anne St
Saturday 10/24 9am-12pm Old Mill Park – 2217 Caroline St
Saturday 10/31 9am-12pm Sunshine Ballpark – 1200 Wicklow Dr
Saturday 11/7 9am-12pm South Street & Howard Ave – 1901 Howard Ave

Local Spotlight: Ryan Sweet

Ryan Schuyler mulching the park

Tree Fredericksburg would like to thank Ryan Sweet for volunteering eight hours mulching at the park by Mary Ball and Kenmore Avenue. Over the span of week in mid-June, Ryan spread the original and additional piles of mulch throughout the park. These efforts will contribute to Ryan’s Boy Scouts Community Service Badge.

Ryan’s service highlights a critical aspect of overall plant health – proper mulching. If applied properly, mulching no more than 2-3 inches deep can greatly benefit trees. Studies have shown that trees with proper mulching will be twice as healthy and grow twice as large with only grass. Trees retain more moisture and experience less stress when they are grown in wide flat mulch beds with cooler roots.



Solar Energy Information Session

The Climate, Environment and Readiness Plan (CLEAR) is conducting a solar energy information session at 6:30 p.m. on May 19th at the UMW Jepson Alumni Executive Center for homeowners or businesses interested in installing a solar energy system. This event will familiarize the community with Solarize, a renewable energy initiative that is brought to local areas by the non-profit Local, Energy Alliance Program (LEAP).

The program aims to reduce the cost and complexity of going solar, making it more feasible for residents and businesses to participate. Solar power can increase the resilience of our region; support our local workforce, and lower energy costs. Please join us on May 19th at 6:30pm to learn how you can participate.

Please reserve your free tickets here.


The Community Give: May 5


Thank you to the 61 donors who contributed $3,765 during The Community Give. We are very grateful!


Tree-lined streets make Fredericksburg a beautiful place to walk, live, and play.  This is our vision for Fredericksburg, and with your help we will accomplish this goal.  It costs $122 to plant and care for a tree for the first 5 years.  Our goal is to plant 8,000 more trees in our City in the next 10 years. Your donation will help bring the benefits of trees to Fredericksburg and give us beautiful tree-lined streets.


On Tuesday, May 5th, click here to donate to Tree Fredericksburg!

The more money we raise and the greater number of folks that donate money both make us eligible for CONSIDERABLE cash prizes that will benefit our conservation efforts. Each unique gift of $25 or more makes us eligible for these prizes.

Tree Fredericksburg Receives 2014 Diamond Partnership Award

Tree Fredericksburg received an award from the City of Fredericksburg Recreation Commission. The Award is the 2014 Diamond Partnership Award for 4000 hours of volunteer service to the City Parks Department by the volunteers from Tree Fredericksburg. Together, Tree Fredericksburg volunteers planted, mulched and cared for hundreds of trees in our City’s parks. The Parks Commission cited us for “Exceptionally generous Partnership with the Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation Department for the betterment of the citizens of Fredericksburg”

Thank you, volunteers!

We want to thank all of our volunteers who plant trees with Tree Fredericksburg! Here are some photos from our Fall Tree Plantings:

September 27 at Brompton and Marye Streets

October 4 at College Terrace